Terms of Use

By using the services of AssignmentHelp24.7, you agree to have read our terms and conditions, and consent to be bound by all the conditions stated therein. You warrant that you have full legal authority to enter these terms and be legally bound by them.

  • Definitions

    “Website” refers to the aggregate of the web pages available at Assignment Help 24

    “Customer” stands for an individual submitting an Order to the website.

    “Company” signifies to an organization catering its services to the Customers.

    “Order” refers to an online form filled by the Customers to request for the services. The Order specifies the Product requirements and special instructions.

    “Product” is the result of an Order, written according to the Customer’s specifications and delivered electronically via email as a document.

  • Procedure for Placing an Order

    A Customer can place an Order by filling and submitting a form, available on our Website, or via email.

    By placing an Order, you indicate to be in complete agreement with our terms and services.

    The Order form will specify the scope of the work and Order parameters. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide complete and correct information when filling in the Order form.

    By agreeing with our policies, you also rectify to not use our Product for commercial uses.

  • Payment of the Order

    When placing an Order, you agree to buy the Product from us.

    Your Order is processed further, only when the payment is made in advance.

    The payment of the Order is calculated according to the current pricing available at our Website.

    You can make the payments through various modes like Western Union, PayPal, banking services and credit cards.

  • Content of the Product

    It is our sole responsibility to fulfill all the requirements or instructions as mentioned in the Order form.

    Should we miss any guidelines mentioned in the Order form, it will be liable upon the writer to make appropriate changes in the content upon the request of the revision.

  • Deadline

    The company is responsible to deliver the Order Product on time, without compromising on the deadline.

    In case we face difficulties meeting your deadline, we will contact you before the specified time to request for an extension or other compensation methods, like partial refunds.

    However, minor delays in the deadline will not constitute for refunds or discounts.

  • Plagiarism

    We ensure to write the content for any Order completely from scratch.

    The resources or papers available on the internet are used for information purposes only and are referenced according to the specified citation style.

    All the papers are checked through Plagiarism and the plagiarism report is provided with all the Products.

    However, we are not responsible for Plagiarism in the documents sent to us for editing and proofreading, or the parts of the document not within the scope of our work.

  • Revision and Refund

    If the Customer is unsatisfied with the final Product or thinks that the writer has missed certain instructions from the original Order form, the Customer can request for revisions.

    If the revision request is beyond the scope of the original Product description, the Customer will be requested to submit another Order form accordingly.

    In cases of no option or time availability for revisions, the payment can be claimed. Please read our revision and refund policies before moving ahead with the request for a refund.

  • Product Use

    Please take into consideration that you cannot use our Products for any illegal, unethical or commercial purposes.

    You may make academic changes in the content of the Product, like vocabulary, sentence structure or writing style.

    However, Customers are not given the right to attach their names with our original Products. If being used as it is, our name should be referenced properly with the Product.

  • Copyright Policy

    Once we deliver the final Products to our Customers, we legally give them the authority of copyrights.

    Please note that all our services are meant for academic and research purposes only. Therefore, we expect Customers to not turn-in the original Products as their own written papers.

    In case of a refund, the Product will belong to the Company only.

  • Confidentiality

    We guarantee to keep all the information that our Customers provide safe with us. No information shared with us is transferred to a third party or person, without the consent of the Customer.

    The Company warrants not reselling or reusing the Products already sold to other Customers, for any purposes.

    Our Website is protected with security software to prevent any interference from third parties.

    Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

  • Delivery method

    All the Orders are dispatched via email and no other means.

    We ensure to deliver our Products before the specified deadline, or as agreed upon.

    Customers are encouraged to reach out to us as soon as possible for Orders or revisions, as we will not be responsible for any negligence from the Customer’s side.


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